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Cable outlet matters needing attention



With the rapid development of market economy and the deepening of economic reform, the competition in cable industry is becoming more and more fierce. The export of cables is also in full swing. In the process of cable outlet, we should pay attention to the following matters:

I. technical standards

Foreign cables generally require IEC or British standard, American standard and other advanced standards, so only familiar with domestic standards is not enough, but also familiar with international standards.

Two. Laying conditions

The environmental conditions in West Asia and Southeast Asia are quite special, such as the extreme maximum temperature of 50 C and the maximum daily average temperature of 40 C in some areas, so the technical data should pay attention to the explanation of the technical parameters related to the environment (such as the correction coefficient of carrying capacity).

Three. Cable structure

Because of the cable laying environment, the cable structure not only meets the standard requirements, but also has some additional requirements. Therefore, enterprises should pay attention to the cable design and manufacturing process. For example, when an enterprise is exporting to the Middle East, in the process of technological exchange of export, the structure diagram and size of the cable have been confirmed by the other party in writing. For example, in order to meet the requirements of the cable shielding interface, they calculated the width, thickness and number of layers of the cable shielding copper strip according to the IEC 949 (1988) standard calculation method, and eventually used double-layer copper strip wrapped, in order to meet the waterproof requirements of the cable, in the cable shielding copper strip inside and outside wrapped with water-resisting semi-conductive strip, wrapped with packed tape filling. Water blocking materials are used and inner sheath is polyethylene material. The outer sheath is made of termite-proof material and coated with graphite for voltage test of cable sheath according to IEC229. The signs of the cable must be up to the standard and the special requirements of the users. Four. Cable packaging

For export cables, the delivery pallets are generally constructed of large plates or steel plates, and packed in enclosed sheets of iron or wood. The size of the cable tray should be considered in addition to the length of the cable tray and the minimum allowable bending radius of the cable. Shipping marks must be strictly in accordance with the order requirements. As the packaging of export cables is more complicated than that of domestic cables, it will affect the cost and delivery time of cables. Therefore, attention should be paid to the contract.

Before delivery, the main technical parameters of cables, cross-sectional drawings, laying instructions and other information should be provided to the users, and the test report should also be shipped with the goods. Technical data should be kept intact and the manufacturing length of cables should be strictly controlled, and the error of delivery length should be minimized. All export products must be inspected through the State commodity inspection department, and a commodity inspection certificate should be issued.

Competition in cables should not only be limited to the domestic market, but also be focused on the world. This requires the continuous improvement of the quality of Chinese cables and the continuous reduction of the cost. We should do a good job of pre-sale and post-sale work. To provide quality quality, so that customers 100% satisfaction.

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